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Washington has changed Kristi Noem- Part 1

The Noem campaign recently sent an email to their mailing list titled, “Not One Bit”, in which Noem claims that she’s the same person now as when she first went to Washington, DC.  I often lament that Noem isn’t the representative that she used to be, and I suspect many South Dakotans feel the same way or Noem wouldn’t have sent that email.

When Noem went to Washington as a Tea Party favorite, she was committed to reigning in wasteful federal spending that puts future generations of South Dakotans at risk.  In her first year in Congress, Noem and her freshman class bucked the establishment Republicans and managed to pass the Budget Control Act.  What’s more, that was done with Democrats in control of the Senate and the White House.  From 2011-2013, Noem issued 17 press releases regarding federal spending and the debt.  Hear are a few quotes from 2011-2013: read more

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