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Noem’s Slippery Slope to Internet Censorship

Rep. Noem’s press release reads, “Trump Signs Noem-Backed Anti-Trafficking Bill”.  The bill that Rep. Noem is touting is called
FOSTA-SESTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act and the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act).  While we can all get behind a title like that, the devil is in the details.  I admire Rep. Noem’s devotion to the issue of human trafficking, and I’ve supported past legislation that she’s championed regarding the issue, but the more I read about this bill, the more I think Rep. Noem and others may have thrown the baby out with the bath-water. read more

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Thune sponsors Consumer Review Freedom Act of 2015

Senator John Thune sponsored the Consumer Review Freedom Act of 2015 which passed the Senate by Unanimous Consent a few weeks ago.  Per the Congressional Research Service (CRS):

This bill makes a provision of a form contract void from the inception if it:
(1) prohibits or restricts an individual who is a party to such a contract from engaging in written, verbal, or pictorial reviews, or other similar performance assessments or analyses of, the products, services, or conduct of a person that is also a party to the contract;
(2) imposes penalties or fees against individuals who engage in such communications; or
(3) transfers or requires the individual to transfer any intellectual property rights in any such otherwise lawful communications about such person or the goods or services provided by such person.
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