Welcome to South Dakota Matters, a blog site about laws and policy relating to technology.  I’ll likely write about other topics as well, but less often.

I’m a South Dakota native and currently reside in western SD.  I’m an information technology professional, and I’ve also served in the military.

Like many South Dakotans, I have opinions.  And often times, the 200 word limit on “letters to the editor” in my local paper just isn’t enough to speak my mind.  I’ve also found that many of the issues I care about, just aren’t covered in the local media.

I’m by no means a journalist, I’m just writing what’s on my mind.  I don’t have any grand ambitions for this blog, but I would consider it a success if I was able to influence the likes of Sen. John Thune, Sen Mike Rounds, and Rep. Kristi Noem.  I’d also be thrilled if I could get other South Dakotans engaged in technology related issues.


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